Reverend Robert L. Dockery, Sr.
Reverend Robert L. Dockery, Sr. takes great pride in being the Pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Hoffman, North Carolina. 
For thirty years, God has and continues to anoint him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reverend Dockery graduated from Mineral Spring High School in Ellerbe, North Carolina. He later attended the School of Divinity at Shaw University located in High Point, North Carolina.

While a member of First Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in High Point, North Carolina, Reverend Dockery served as an Associate Minister for nine years, served on the Usher Board for twenty-four years, was a Junior Deacon and Secretary of the Trustee Board. At his home church, Oliver Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the Mangum Community of Mt. Gilead, NC, Reverend Dockery served as Superintendent of the Sunday School. Reverend Dockery also served as Assistant Pastor at Parson Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the community of Ex-Way, North Carolina for fourteen years. 
He was a lead singer, played bass guitar, wrote and produced songs for The Mighty Wonders of High Point, North Carolina.

Currently, Pastor Dockery is serving as the Third Vice Moderator of the St. John Missionary Baptist Educational Association in the Laurinburg, North Carolina. Previously, he acted as the Union President of St John for two years. Reverend Dockery is active in the community & is a member and President of Steele # 2 Precinct in Richmond County, North Carolina.

Reverend Dockery is a husband, dad, granddad, and a great granddad. He is the proud owner of Doc's Painting Enterprise, Inc.