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The Measure of Man

As a Baptist Christian outreach ministry, we are called to God's grace and are committed to providing foundational supports to the community. Nothing matters more than helping those less fortunate and those in need.

Our Mission

We, having been called out by God, are to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; challenging people to accept Him as their personal Lord and savior. We urge them by the teaching of the gospel of Christ to seek to be endued with power which will equip and enable them to be effective witnesses througout this entire world so that they can become witnesses and encoage others to receive Christ.

The purpose of the Church is missions and Christian education, preaching, teaching, winning and guiding souls in Christian growth and Christianizing the social order. Obviously, these cannot be efficiently carried out by a single local church, on a worldwide scale. Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church works through Christina organizations and social agencies, thereby, making its efforts count for the most. Of course, there are many other things we should do in cooperation with other Christian groups and social agencies.

Our Purpose